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Hello No Spin News Source fans. In this episode your host Kari Ilonummi near Seattle Washington discusses 2012 Elections, legislation to control the weather/HAARP, Rothschild recent call for a single world currency, Russia successfully test 2 ICBM’s, What really happened with Ron Paul Paul, Federal Reserve,Wade Hicks stranded in Hawaii from being placed on a ‘no-fly list’, more details on Benghazi, 3rd Party Debates hosted by, Jesse Ventura’s new film being censored, World War 3 watch, see Kari Ilonummi fire his Russian  Saiga Ak47, and so much more!

City of Portland to Add Fluoride to Public Tap Water

When the government wants to tax us, strip us of our Constitutional rights; send our sons and daughters to wars overseas or anything else they always say it’s for the children, elderly, poor, disabled etc. So let us add one more example to the ever growing pile of rubbish. On September 6, 2012 while I was on my vacation in Portland Oregon and shortly after going to see a band perform called Jane’s Addiction, I happened to drive by City Hall and noticed a whole bunch of political action going on. With multiple news companies, activist, speakers, and qualified PhD’s on both sides of the line for and

against, the topic of today’s rather passionate meeting was should the city of Portland add Fluoride to the residents drinking water in order to help combat tooth decay in especially with what who was being labeled as the greatest to be at risk, the poor children without health insurance.


Now when I arrived (approx. 1:45 pm) I was immediately bombarded by very enthusiastic anti-Fluoride activist who upon discovering my credentials with being a investigating journalism at No Spin News Source and being a candidate running for U.S. Congress in Washington State’s Second District (Independent), urged me to speak upon their behalf to defend the cities’ residents against what was being viewed as a very bad idea with potentially harmful effects not just desired benefits. So upon walking into the very beautiful building of City Hall I signed up to be the last speaker being against adding Fluoride to the local tap water.


After sitting in one of the overfill rooms for about 2 hours, I finally was permitted to enter the actual hearing before Portland Mayor Sam Adams and the City Council. There were many convincing arguments on both sides of the line in which why one could consider implementing Fluoride into the cities’ water supply, from it could be of major benefit or detriment to local residence. From soccer moms, dentist, preachers, doctors associated with the CDC and multiple universities world-wide and everyday concerned citizens came to listen and speak their mind on this hot topic of debate.


During the hearings the crowd was not permitted to use vocal comments but encouraged rather to give hand signals of support or lack of support for comments being made on the record. During this time Mayor Sam Adams did do a good job of removing his personal bias from interfering from conducting this meeting, as he would regularly throw an opposing type of question toward whoever would be speaking at the time. So as a fair and balanced approach all sides of the isle were addressed and allowed to have their opinions to be heard loud and clear. But even with a fair moderator like Sam Adams the room did have multiple outburst of excitement, boos , acts of theft within the hearings and even one physical assault took place in which a woman was dragged out by man who she wanted nothing to do with.


I was the last person to speak at approx. 8:30 pm. As one could imagine just about anything and everything one could come up with from being on the fringe conspiracy theory to very real tangible facts from all sides of the isle already been brought up. So I approached this topic in a matter in which not one other person did prior to me. I immediately gave credit to (the other side) what I honestly do believe is a genuine prudent endeavor by most to help provide health benefits to Portland’s residents who may otherwise not be able to afford dental healthcare. But while I refused to argue that what is being labeled as Fluoride, was actually a 100% naturally occurring mineral in nature, or perhaps the opposite as some say there are actually derivatives of the nuclear waste, cement and aluminum industries……I simply approached it from the most sensible angle for my circumstances which was to make it crystal clear that I do not support adding Fluoride to any water supply nationwide, due to the fact of benefit or of detriment, who is the government to force anyone to take a medication or so-called healthy mineral? And if this is truly a medicine, then it is therefore a drug, and can government honestly and legally justify the force drugging of the population even if it is only a mere handful of folks who would otherwise rather be able to choose for and by themselves to administer which medications that their families ingest? So I posed the question of legality and morality, without getting caught up in the rift raft of controversy. Even Mayor Sam Adam’s did seem a bit surprised and entertained by my remarks.


The final Vote. On September 12, 2012 the Portland Oregon City Council unanimously voted 5-0 in favor of adding  Fluoride to local tap water supply with a guarantee by the city commissioner to have the Fluoride hooked up by spring 2014. Now by no means are the citizens who are in outcry of this force medicating/drugging of the population settling for drinking what they feel is poison. There is currently a city petition garnering much support in which could overturn this decision if a quota of 30,000 signatures can be gathered by the October deadline. Will the people prevail? If any city has the political drive and muster to accomplish this, I do believe that the city of Portland does.



                                                                                                         Jane’s Addiction Portland OR,  September 4, 2012

Article by: Kari Ilonummi

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