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Monthly Report for November 2012 with Kari Ilonummi


Topics of the November 2012  Monthly Report with Kari Ilonummi include:

The Fiscal Cliff,50 states petitioning to secede from the Union, CEO of the largest bank in Washington state calling for Glass-Steagall like reform, Elections 2012, Prop. 37 GMO labeling, Attorney General Eric Holder calling for Brian-washing Americans to be against guns, TSA shock bracelets, RT interview with Syrian President Assad al-Bashir, recent Fluoride victories, Turkey requesting surface to air missles from NATO, Sen. Rand Paul calling for ‘path to citizenship’ for illegal immigrants, Fluoride Soda parity,  Iran, Senator Lindsey Graham calling for Water-Gate style committee to investigate Benghazi, Google confirming government surveillance is on the rise, Dec. 21, 2012 and many other topics!