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Monthly Report for November 2013 ‘Obama Crosses the Red Line’

Hello and welcome friends. In this action packed and long awaited new installment of the rather prophetic Monthly Report for November 2013 your host Kari Ilonummi discusses the following topics and has relevant interviews by the following to share:  Gun Rights, U.S. Government openly funding and supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria and Libya with U.S. tax money, Social Security, Medicaid and Food Stamp cuts, Global Warming Hoax, Vaccines and recent negative side effects, the actual call to Kari from the Center for Disease Control C.D.C. voice mail from October, NSA Spying, Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying evidence after Gulf oil spill, Senator Ted Cruz filibuster on ObamaCare, Glass-Steagall Act, Obama admits on film drunk that he serves the Queen of England ‘faithfully’, how to disable you Onstar system, Sheriff Finch wins his Second Amendment case in Florida, interview with NSA Agent retired Wayne Madsen, video footage of Obama denying that he ever drew a Red Line for Syria, Bail-in’s to steal away the retirements and savings of U.S. citizens soon making us all dependent on the State to even eat, Alex Jones speaks at the Alamo, and Kari Ilonummi’s most recent forecast of President Obama to be Impeached in 2014 along with both letters to Congressman Rick Rick Larsen written by Kari Ilonummi from May and September of 2013. With so much more. You want the proof? Well here it is. Enjoy having a 30 year educate you on politics and economics! It wont be so bad!