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Monthly Report July 2014

Former Treasury Sec. Paul Craig Roberts backs up Kari Ilonummi’s forecast of potential World War against Russia/China, Hillary Clinton flip flops on Benghazi, interview with former CIA Director Mike Morell on Iraq situation, Dick Cheney speaks out against Obama, Pope Francis calls for ‘end of speculation,’ Obama discusses plan for gun confiscation, Fox News Susan Rice interview on Sgt. Bergdahl, Actor/pro wrestler ‘Leatherface’-Telly Blackwood has rights violated in his own home then tells on Alex Jones, VA scandal, Kari Ilonummi receives guitar pick by and from Yngwie Malmsteen in which he played with live on stage in Seattle in late June, many other relevant news and economic topics discussed in this Monthly Report show for July 2014. No Spin News turns 3 years old on 7-11-14 @11:11 am. Thank you so much and please tell your friends, family and coworkers about No Spin News Source.