Kari Ilonummi’s Political/Economic Forecast for 2016

 Kari Ilonummi’s Political/Economic forecast for 2016

1. U.S. economy continues to decline and even goes into hyperinflationary disintegration by end of 2016, with the not just a new round of Bail Outs to come in the upcoming months ahead but also the ‘Bail In mechanism’ in which the ‘TOO BIG TO FAIL’ banks actually (with Congress permission) will take away a sizable portion and all in some circumstances, United States citizens pension’s, savings accounts, etc., in order to pay for the alleged ‘debt’ in which THEY feel we owe to them.

2. Hillary Clinton will receive the nomination from the Democratic Party and either Jebb Bush or Donald Trump (my #2 thought) will receive the nomination for President in 2016. Hillary becomes our next President.

3. Literally 1/3, 135 out of the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives will be changing hands and voted out of office in the November 2016 Election as people are no longer taking empty promises from lying politicians, they want to see action, they want to see work available for them. READ MY LIPS! Most of these seats changing hands will be through the center states, not so much on the West Coast though. I expect 0 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives for Washington state to change hands in 2016 unfortunately, even as Elizabeth Scott and I are both running for U.S Congress this year, but things will change regarding the political dynamic over here in 2017/18 and I expect her and I both to be elected in the 2018 Election, as things will become rather dire economically speaking.

4. More rioting/civil unrest in the nation. Second Amendment will obviously be blamed for any crime that will occur in which a criminal uses a gun. Ex. Mass shootings.

5. U.S. suicide and drug overdoes incline dramatically due to depression in this economy, especially after the bank ‘BAIL IN’ hits in the United States and takes away people’s hopes and dreams for a bright future ahead. The standards of living in America are about to decline at an accelerated rate like never before. And don’t listen to the numbers; I’m telling you right now as an economist, when you take into consideration the amount of people in the United States that are really unemployed, under employed, laid off, on unemployment, homeless, looking for work, given up, on welfare, receiving unemployment etc., the actual unemployment in the United States of America is at 25 percent. The same as the Great Depression. You don’t see a soup kitchen you say? What do you call 45 million people on food stamps???? 21st Century Soup kitchen! I’m not putting down poor people by the way. If you need help, you need help. Just making my point: the economy sucks, just look in the fridge and tell me your President and Congressman Rick Larsen honored their duties?! I don’t think so.

6. The bubble goes pop in 2016 regarding people blindly following the political party system. Even ignorant people will be quickly waking up to the reality of these political creeps, even if that takes them to vote one more last time for either CLINTON or perhaps Bush /Trump, by the early months of the new Administration it (the ‘honey moon phase’ of excitement and optimism) will dry up much faster than what it took for people to end their delusions under so-called ‘CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN’ aka

President Obama as the pile of bills next to the door and voicemails from teleprompter debt collectors begins to add up, along with increases in home foreclosures.

7. No Lame Duck

The Obama Presidency either gets impeached immediately or else goes into full gear. There is no slowing down, to make things turn more stable and look good as he walk out of office. He doesn’t care what you think about him. He’s going for Guns, to pass the TPP and Carbon Taxes/One World ‘GOVERNANCE’ system as he will continue to undermine the rule of law, U.S. Constitution and sovereignty at every turn. President Obama promised to make things more fair and equal for the world and level the playing field. He is doing just that by crushing the economies of first world nations such as the United States, UK, Canada, Germany, China, Russia, France, etc., in turn turning us into 3rd world nations through times as well through U.N. Agenda 21 and other laws.

8. Hillary Clinton either announces Senator Bernie Sanders to be her Vice President in 2016 or current VP Joe Biden.

9. A year of many endings. Sometimes habits dies hard, but phases do have to move on eventually. With the economic breakdown, stress, growing tension, lack of security etc., I expect many people to be at each others throats, divorce’s to engage or come to fruition, business partners and friends in general will ‘hang up the towel’ and move on through this year and into 2017. Most projects for business and stuff will not get off the runway this year, but the truth will come out nonetheless. Fair warning: don’t start an business/huge investment just yet. Running for politics wont be easy either. The people no longer trust people in general and their government and therefor unlike in 2008, they are really getting serious and discerning now to, regarding who they choose to vote for. No easy meal ticket this year Mr. and Mrs. Politician. You will either have to MOVE IT or LOSE IT as they say! lol

10. Retail and manufacturing sectors to slow down at a accelerated pace in 2016, more than the 2012-15 time interval.

11. Attack on your internet rights/freedom of speech and privacy like never before by government at the state and federal level. For the HD Monthly Report videos, more information on politics, economics, breaking news or my run for U.S. Congress be sure to check out my website: https://nospinnewssource.com/

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