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Monthly Report April 2016 ‘Less Talk & More Action’


The rather brilliant and good looking: Kari Ilonummi of shows us a glimpse of the future as the ‘Too Big to Fail’ bank ‘Bail In’ starts to take effect, provides breaking news articles, video segments from Lee Ann MCAdoo, Darrin McBreen and John Bound, Bill Clinton slams President Obama’s ‘awful legacy,’ Bernie FEELS the BURN as Hillary Clinton has ‘never’ told a lie, world renowned journalist confesses on camera to working for the CIA and creating propaganda for the U.S. Government to overthrow Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi of Libya through ‘regime change’ and ‘humanitarian intervention,’ Boeing Company to let go of 5,000 workers in June, U.S. gun rights victories and State nullification efforts, Kari Ilonummi to at attend the upcoming Libertarian Party Convention in Tacoma, concert video footage of the band: Orgy live in Seattle 2 months ago taken by kari himself and so much more! Also the SSL and Security is top notch now on the website. Norton’s no longer gives a Warning to visitors. So we worked out all of the bugs for your convenience, privacy and safety concerns. Enjoy the show!