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Monthly Report May 2016

Host Kari Ilonummi of in Washington state breaks down recent events in the news along with video footage/interviews of: Chelsea Clinton regarding gun control, Ron Paul on the FED, Hillary Clinton and Executive Orders on guns, Howard Sterns supports the Second Amendment, Obama flip flops on his promise not to send U.S. troops in Syria along with an interview of former judge and legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on the Clinton Email Scandal. Kari also discusses the economy, rising suicide rates, classified 28 pages of the 9/11 REPORT, Russian Foreign Ministry says U.S. walking on on brink of nuclear War, War Crimes in Iraq, Glass Steagall Act debate heating up at the Federal Reserve, U.S. sails warship straight into China sea without permission and so much more! Big announcement to come Monday May 23, 2016.