Monthly Report October 2017

Kari Ilonummi of analyzes the current political/economic situation, discusses recent breaking news, the economy, NFL Brandon Tatum, videos of Roger Stone along with President Trump before the U.N., Larry Klayman files lawsuit against Antifa, Republican Congressman calling for Sen. John McCain to be recalled in a vote, Kari Ilonummi sees the world icons of hip hop, artist: Daz Dillinger of Tha Dogg Pound and Jerry. B. Long in concert and provides live video footage of the Seattle show at the end of this video for your enjoyment. See you next month and thank you for watching.

Monthly Report September 2017

  Kari Ilonummi of gives a heart to heart talk with the audience about how he feels inside about God, Liberty, being pro life and sheds light on breaking news stories, gives reason to the events unfolding here today, for the near future along with video’s of Sheriff Joe and President Trump speeches in which you have to see! U.S. Congressman Rick Larsen of Washington state delivers a deliberate lie to the people knowingly and wittingly as he stated in a letter that the President acted in a ‘bigoted’ manner regarding the ‘Charlottesville’ VA event recently. Apparently Rep Rick Larsen is now using the tricks from the failed Hillary Campaign of last year? Good luck with that one!

Monthly Report August 2017

  Kari Ilonummi of No Spin News Source doesn’t play any punches with this months show! Kari breaks down the most recent news stories, more economic forecast for the near future, alleged Russia Collusion, Hillary Clinton’s Resistance PAC, Debie Wasserman Schultz, the current coup d’etat attempt in process to remove the duly elected President Donald Trump, ’17 Intel Agencies’ becomes ‘3,’ with video interviews and news segments with John Podesta, John Brennan and Clapper, attorney in Florida afraid for her life due to knowledge on Hillary Clinton, Special Prosecutor Larry Klayman, Roger Stone, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King’s take on our new President, Kari Ilonummi plans to run for U.S. House of Representatives and Senate in 2018, meets guitarists of legendary award winning rock bands Ozzy Osbourne Zakk Wylde and Uli Jon Roth (lead guitarist) of Scorpions and lot more! No MORE FAKE NEWS= . I hope you find this new show very informative.

Monthly Report January 2017




Kari Ilonummi of No Spin News Source .com discusses what really happened in the 2016 Presidential Elections and what is to come for 2017, with video interviews of former head of the NSA William Binney on the (Fake News) alleged Russian hack dominating the news recently, Climatologist spills the beans about Global Warming and ulterior motives of Globalization to eliminate sovereignty within nation states , Kari discusses Boeing cuts, recent news, Kari attended the rock band concerts Hell Yeah and In Flames and provides recent live video footage of the concerts, Sheriff Joe loses election, House Intelligence Committee Chairman calls for investigating CIA head John Brennan, Attorney General ‘regrets’ meeting with Bill Clinton, Judicial Watch wins court appeal to obtain Hillary Clinton emails and so much more!

The Victims of 9/11 and Their Families are Calling Upon You Mr. Congressman

The Victims of 9/11 and Their Families are Calling Upon You Mr. Congressman

Your Honor, (Congressman Rick Larsen of Washington state)

Recently Congress unanimously passed House Resolution 3815 along with S. 2040 in the Senate also known as the Justice Against Terrorism Act or J.A.S.T.A. legislation.

As of today this bill has been sitting upon the President’s desk for the past ten days waiting to be signed into law and implemented.

This law was created and passed by Congress in order to provide due justice to the victims families of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and to see to it that the United States sets an immediate precedent that our nation will not be involved in (ourselves) nor allow state sponsored terrorism type acts to be a global standard to be used by other nations such as Saudi Arabia, in this case, regarding 9/11.

The language within this bill was specifically written to state that this will no longer considered to be acceptable and that, those nations and entities that do commit acts of terrorism, will be fully be held 100% accountable in the court of law, as due financial compensation will now be on the table for victims of terrorism world wide.

Illegally violating sovereign nations states and international standards of law can and no longer will be allowed by anyone, nation, state, person nor entity according to the intent and language written within this law.

Now for me to see Mr. Congressman that you did not cosponsor the JASTA bill in the House and stand with the victims of 9/11 is troubling to say the least sir.

As of 1 pm EST today the President actually vetoed the JASTA bill in what will be the damning and defining first veto and moment of President Barack Obama’s career and legacy.

With all due respect sir, your lack of actions regarding this bill, are actually indirectly in effect taking the side of the same terrorist who murdered 2,996 of the same nation’s citizens on September 11, 2001 in which you literally swore an oath under the U.S. Constitution to serve and to protect.

Now what the President did himself is nothing short of treason itself and he deserves to be impeached immediately for his actions on J.A.S.T.A. alone, not to mention many other high crimes and misdemeanors he would undoubtedly be found guilty of as well regarding Libya and Syria just to name two examples, according to law scholars such Professor Bruce Fein amongst others.

In Article II, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution states, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

In the Federalist Papers (No. 65), Alexander Hamilton wrote that a president should be impeached for “offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust. They are of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to society itself.”

Now at this point the J.A.S.T.A. bill gets sent back to you along with your colleagues Mr. Congressman. Senator Mitch McConnel stated last week that he is prepared to overturn the President’s veto and no doubt that next week this will become a hot topic issue that you will probably try to avoid being a rough election year for members of the House.

I ask you sir to please support and sign the Justice Against Terrorism Act next week once Congress is reconvened and have the guts to vote to overturn the first veto of the President ever.

The victims of 9/11 deserve justice and our citizens here in Washington state deserve to have a Congressman who will protect the interest of the people in accordance to the rule law and your personal job duties description as acting Congressman.


Former U.S. Congressional Candidate

Kari Ilonummi

Spin News Source .com


Monthly Report Oct/ November Special Election’s edition 2016

Monthly Report

Kari Ilonummi of meets the hit rock bands Skid Row and Texas Hippy Coalition in Seattle after their live shows and shakes their hands, discusses the 2016 Elections, his run for U.S. Congress this year, the declassified 28 Pages of the 9/11 Commission Report, Justice Against Sponsored Terrorism Act (JASTA) being unanimously passed by Congress, Vetoed by the President and then OVERTURNED by Congress days later, Rep. Rick Larsen of Washington voted against the JASTA Veto and turned his back to the victims of 9/11 as a disgrace, the World War 3 situation, economic outlook, Glass Steagall Act, world food prices hitting all time high, internet changes with ICANN, George Soros, with video footage of Hillary Clinton, the CIA, State Department and head of the U.S. Army all openly threatening Russia, Gary Johnson exposed, Bill even likens Hillary to a ‘demon.’ and so much more!

U.S. Congressional Candidate Kari Ilonummi’s Voter Pamphlet Statement for 2016

I’m running for Congress to stop the TPP, retool and put our citizens back to work, revamp infrastructure to a 21st Century standard, pass the Glass Steagall Act, make tuition easily affordable for students while increasing funding for veterans, schools, Medicaid and Social Security to make sure that our Seniors can live in dignity while protecting the environment every step along the way.
With an economic New Deal we can actually lower property along with income taxes while simultaneously witnessing economic growth through job creation. Washington state families and citizens are financially struggling as the price of food has doubled in the past eight years and standards of living are declining rapidly.
I’m running as a non partisan candidate in order to prove that I work for you the people, not some corporate/Wall Street or political party interest.
Upon becoming elected I will audit the Federal Reserve, bring our troops home from overseas wars, introduce legislation to immediately put a moratorium (just like FDR did in the 1930’s) to stop all home foreclosure’s.
I am fighting to restore the middle class, end the depression/ heroine epidemic, repeal U.N. Agenda 21, while making sure that the People’s Constitution and ‘right to bear arms’ ‘shall not be infringed!’
‘Members of Congress’ who do not support Glass Steagall Act and rather chose to vote for the Dodd/Frank law, knowingly and wittingly signed into law for the ‘Too Big to Fail’ banks to literally confiscate a sizeable portion of U.S. citizens pensions, 401k’s, and even personal savings accounts to be looted in order to pay for the national debt. I forecast that this will hit the U.S. banking system by no later than 2017.
Making ‘ends meets’ isn’t getting any easier for Washingtonian’s. The system is rigged!
I apologize for the original Grammar errors in the Voter Pamphlet ladies and gentlemen, I had difficulties with using the State’s software and didn’t know that I was able to make paragraphs without sacrificing the amount of word space allowed. So I made a run on sentence type of paragraph.  Here is the final version.

Monthly Report May 2016

Host Kari Ilonummi of in Washington state breaks down recent events in the news along with video footage/interviews of: Chelsea Clinton regarding gun control, Ron Paul on the FED, Hillary Clinton and Executive Orders on guns, Howard Sterns supports the Second Amendment, Obama flip flops on his promise not to send U.S. troops in Syria along with an interview of former judge and legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on the Clinton Email Scandal. Kari also discusses the economy, rising suicide rates, classified 28 pages of the 9/11 REPORT, Russian Foreign Ministry says U.S. walking on on brink of nuclear War, War Crimes in Iraq, Glass Steagall Act debate heating up at the Federal Reserve, U.S. sails warship straight into China sea without permission and so much more! Big announcement to come Monday May 23, 2016.

Monthly Report April 2016 ‘Less Talk & More Action’


The rather brilliant and good looking: Kari Ilonummi of shows us a glimpse of the future as the ‘Too Big to Fail’ bank ‘Bail In’ starts to take effect, provides breaking news articles, video segments from Lee Ann MCAdoo, Darrin McBreen and John Bound, Bill Clinton slams President Obama’s ‘awful legacy,’ Bernie FEELS the BURN as Hillary Clinton has ‘never’ told a lie, world renowned journalist confesses on camera to working for the CIA and creating propaganda for the U.S. Government to overthrow Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi of Libya through ‘regime change’ and ‘humanitarian intervention,’ Boeing Company to let go of 5,000 workers in June, U.S. gun rights victories and State nullification efforts, Kari Ilonummi to at attend the upcoming Libertarian Party Convention in Tacoma, concert video footage of the band: Orgy live in Seattle 2 months ago taken by kari himself and so much more! Also the SSL and Security is top notch now on the website. Norton’s no longer gives a Warning to visitors. So we worked out all of the bugs for your convenience, privacy and safety concerns. Enjoy the show!


Kari Ilonummi’s Political/Economic Forecast for 2016

 Kari Ilonummi’s Political/Economic forecast for 2016

1. U.S. economy continues to decline and even goes into hyperinflationary disintegration by end of 2016, with the not just a new round of Bail Outs to come in the upcoming months ahead but also the ‘Bail In mechanism’ in which the ‘TOO BIG TO FAIL’ banks actually (with Congress permission) will take away a sizable portion and all in some circumstances, United States citizens pension’s, savings accounts, etc., in order to pay for the alleged ‘debt’ in which THEY feel we owe to them.

2. Hillary Clinton will receive the nomination from the Democratic Party and either Jebb Bush or Donald Trump (my #2 thought) will receive the nomination for President in 2016. Hillary becomes our next President.

3. Literally 1/3, 135 out of the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives will be changing hands and voted out of office in the November 2016 Election as people are no longer taking empty promises from lying politicians, they want to see action, they want to see work available for them. READ MY LIPS! Most of these seats changing hands will be through the center states, not so much on the West Coast though. I expect 0 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives for Washington state to change hands in 2016 unfortunately, even as Elizabeth Scott and I are both running for U.S Congress this year, but things will change regarding the political dynamic over here in 2017/18 and I expect her and I both to be elected in the 2018 Election, as things will become rather dire economically speaking.

4. More rioting/civil unrest in the nation. Second Amendment will obviously be blamed for any crime that will occur in which a criminal uses a gun. Ex. Mass shootings.

5. U.S. suicide and drug overdoes incline dramatically due to depression in this economy, especially after the bank ‘BAIL IN’ hits in the United States and takes away people’s hopes and dreams for a bright future ahead. The standards of living in America are about to decline at an accelerated rate like never before. And don’t listen to the numbers; I’m telling you right now as an economist, when you take into consideration the amount of people in the United States that are really unemployed, under employed, laid off, on unemployment, homeless, looking for work, given up, on welfare, receiving unemployment etc., the actual unemployment in the United States of America is at 25 percent. The same as the Great Depression. You don’t see a soup kitchen you say? What do you call 45 million people on food stamps???? 21st Century Soup kitchen! I’m not putting down poor people by the way. If you need help, you need help. Just making my point: the economy sucks, just look in the fridge and tell me your President and Congressman Rick Larsen honored their duties?! I don’t think so.

6. The bubble goes pop in 2016 regarding people blindly following the political party system. Even ignorant people will be quickly waking up to the reality of these political creeps, even if that takes them to vote one more last time for either CLINTON or perhaps Bush /Trump, by the early months of the new Administration it (the ‘honey moon phase’ of excitement and optimism) will dry up much faster than what it took for people to end their delusions under so-called ‘CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN’ aka

President Obama as the pile of bills next to the door and voicemails from teleprompter debt collectors begins to add up, along with increases in home foreclosures.

7. No Lame Duck

The Obama Presidency either gets impeached immediately or else goes into full gear. There is no slowing down, to make things turn more stable and look good as he walk out of office. He doesn’t care what you think about him. He’s going for Guns, to pass the TPP and Carbon Taxes/One World ‘GOVERNANCE’ system as he will continue to undermine the rule of law, U.S. Constitution and sovereignty at every turn. President Obama promised to make things more fair and equal for the world and level the playing field. He is doing just that by crushing the economies of first world nations such as the United States, UK, Canada, Germany, China, Russia, France, etc., in turn turning us into 3rd world nations through times as well through U.N. Agenda 21 and other laws.

8. Hillary Clinton either announces Senator Bernie Sanders to be her Vice President in 2016 or current VP Joe Biden.

9. A year of many endings. Sometimes habits dies hard, but phases do have to move on eventually. With the economic breakdown, stress, growing tension, lack of security etc., I expect many people to be at each others throats, divorce’s to engage or come to fruition, business partners and friends in general will ‘hang up the towel’ and move on through this year and into 2017. Most projects for business and stuff will not get off the runway this year, but the truth will come out nonetheless. Fair warning: don’t start an business/huge investment just yet. Running for politics wont be easy either. The people no longer trust people in general and their government and therefor unlike in 2008, they are really getting serious and discerning now to, regarding who they choose to vote for. No easy meal ticket this year Mr. and Mrs. Politician. You will either have to MOVE IT or LOSE IT as they say! lol

10. Retail and manufacturing sectors to slow down at a accelerated pace in 2016, more than the 2012-15 time interval.

11. Attack on your internet rights/freedom of speech and privacy like never before by government at the state and federal level. For the HD Monthly Report videos, more information on politics, economics, breaking news or my run for U.S. Congress be sure to check out my website: