The Victims of 9/11 and Their Families are Calling Upon You Mr. Congressman

The Victims of 9/11 and Their Families are Calling Upon You Mr. Congressman

Your Honor, (Congressman Rick Larsen of Washington state)

Recently Congress unanimously passed House Resolution 3815 along with S. 2040 in the Senate also known as the Justice Against Terrorism Act or J.A.S.T.A. legislation.

As of today this bill has been sitting upon the President’s desk for the past ten days waiting to be signed into law and implemented.

This law was created and passed by Congress in order to provide due justice to the victims families of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and to see to it that the United States sets an immediate precedent that our nation will not be involved in (ourselves) nor allow state sponsored terrorism type acts to be a global standard to be used by other nations such as Saudi Arabia, in this case, regarding 9/11.

The language within this bill was specifically written to state that this will no longer considered to be acceptable and that, those nations and entities that do commit acts of terrorism, will be fully be held 100% accountable in the court of law, as due financial compensation will now be on the table for victims of terrorism world wide.

Illegally violating sovereign nations states and international standards of law can and no longer will be allowed by anyone, nation, state, person nor entity according to the intent and language written within this law.

Now for me to see Mr. Congressman that you did not cosponsor the JASTA bill in the House and stand with the victims of 9/11 is troubling to say the least sir.

As of 1 pm EST today the President actually vetoed the JASTA bill in what will be the damning and defining first veto and moment of President Barack Obama’s career and legacy.

With all due respect sir, your lack of actions regarding this bill, are actually indirectly in effect taking the side of the same terrorist who murdered 2,996 of the same nation’s citizens on September 11, 2001 in which you literally swore an oath under the U.S. Constitution to serve and to protect.

Now what the President did himself is nothing short of treason itself and he deserves to be impeached immediately for his actions on J.A.S.T.A. alone, not to mention many other high crimes and misdemeanors he would undoubtedly be found guilty of as well regarding Libya and Syria just to name two examples, according to law scholars such Professor Bruce Fein amongst others.

In Article II, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution states, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

In the Federalist Papers (No. 65), Alexander Hamilton wrote that a president should be impeached for “offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust. They are of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to society itself.”

Now at this point the J.A.S.T.A. bill gets sent back to you along with your colleagues Mr. Congressman. Senator Mitch McConnel stated last week that he is prepared to overturn the President’s veto and no doubt that next week this will become a hot topic issue that you will probably try to avoid being a rough election year for members of the House.

I ask you sir to please support and sign the Justice Against Terrorism Act next week once Congress is reconvened and have the guts to vote to overturn the first veto of the President ever.

The victims of 9/11 deserve justice and our citizens here in Washington state deserve to have a Congressman who will protect the interest of the people in accordance to the rule law and your personal job duties description as acting Congressman.


Former U.S. Congressional Candidate

Kari Ilonummi

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U.S. Congressional Candidate Kari Ilonummi’s Voter Pamphlet Statement for 2016

I’m running for Congress to stop the TPP, retool and put our citizens back to work, revamp infrastructure to a 21st Century standard, pass the Glass Steagall Act, make tuition easily affordable for students while increasing funding for veterans, schools, Medicaid and Social Security to make sure that our Seniors can live in dignity while protecting the environment every step along the way.
With an economic New Deal we can actually lower property along with income taxes while simultaneously witnessing economic growth through job creation. Washington state families and citizens are financially struggling as the price of food has doubled in the past eight years and standards of living are declining rapidly.
I’m running as a non partisan candidate in order to prove that I work for you the people, not some corporate/Wall Street or political party interest.
Upon becoming elected I will audit the Federal Reserve, bring our troops home from overseas wars, introduce legislation to immediately put a moratorium (just like FDR did in the 1930’s) to stop all home foreclosure’s.
I am fighting to restore the middle class, end the depression/ heroine epidemic, repeal U.N. Agenda 21, while making sure that the People’s Constitution and ‘right to bear arms’ ‘shall not be infringed!’
‘Members of Congress’ who do not support Glass Steagall Act and rather chose to vote for the Dodd/Frank law, knowingly and wittingly signed into law for the ‘Too Big to Fail’ banks to literally confiscate a sizeable portion of U.S. citizens pensions, 401k’s, and even personal savings accounts to be looted in order to pay for the national debt. I forecast that this will hit the U.S. banking system by no later than 2017.
Making ‘ends meets’ isn’t getting any easier for Washingtonian’s. The system is rigged!
I apologize for the original Grammar errors in the Voter Pamphlet ladies and gentlemen, I had difficulties with using the State’s software and didn’t know that I was able to make paragraphs without sacrificing the amount of word space allowed. So I made a run on sentence type of paragraph.  Here is the final version.

Interview of Kari Ilonummi

May 20, 2013 interview of Kari Ilonummi of  click below on link

San Jose California Blog Talk Radio interview of U.S. Congressional Candidate 2nd District (WA-Independent) Kari Ilonummi

May 20, 2013 interview of Kari Ilonummi of

Steve Vai with Kari Ilonummi

              Grammy award winner  Steve Vai with Kari Ilonummi in Seattle WA  


Elect Kari Ilonummi for U.S. Congress

“As the worlds physical economies are breaking down, we witness starvation, homelessness along with violence and crime continue to escalate throughout our communities, not to mention being on brink of a potential thermonuclear World War 3 scenario against Russia and China which would be horrible and quickly lead to a reduction of the worlds population by the billions. So We the People have  to deal with these issues if we like it or not and under such pressing times Kari Ilonummi feels forced to step to the plate to defend our liberty and constitutional principals and therefor will be running as an Independent candidate in the Second District of Washington state for United States Congress in 2016. I want to return our nation to the rule of law and being the beacon of light and hope in which we traditionally stand for. I support Union’s along with the Glass-Steagall Act and want to separate the funny Wall Street derivatives and speculation ‘toxic debt’ and invest in the real economy as we promote actual job and wealth creation and take care of all of the infrastructure projects needing to be repaired. Through Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, it explicitly states that Congress can utter Credit through Alexander Hamilton’s American System of Credit to fund needed projects which would put tens of millions of American’s back to work immediately. I want to issue a moratorium on mortgage forclosures. No one is going to be homeless. The banks committed fraud against the American people according to their own legal documents. So if Franklin Roosevelt could move the homeless back into their homes in the 1930’s than so can we! My policies are not for hire. I promise to stand for integrity and the U.S. Constitution 100% with absolutely no compromises as I represent the interest of the people and the best of the best of both sides of the isle. So when the Second Amendment says that the ‘right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,’ I shall fully honor that will fight against any new gun control legislation. I will fight for the funding that our troops need to be safe in battle with the best technology and well treated once they have served their time and return home. I also feel that education is one of the most important and crucial things in life. So our students and children deserve a class room that does not have 43+ students rammed into one room. Lets invest in our children and youth. Knowledge is power and they deserve to be empowered with a good education so they can grow up to be good, moral, law abiding, functioning members of society someday. When it comes to healthcare, everyone deserves to see a doctor. But obviously The Affordable Health Care Act aka ObamaCare does not provide that. So for seniors, children, veterans  and members of society can have access to quality healthcare in which will be available, we just have to change how our economy works here at home and we will see plenty of extra money and wealth in which will quickly be accumulated to pay for these people in need and services for the disabled.”