Monthly Report December 2017

Host Former U.S. Congressional Candidate of Washington state Kari Ilonummi provides exclusive video footage of interviews of Larry Nichols, FBI Agent Sibil Edmonds, Diamond and Silk, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and breaks down some of the most prominent breaking news stories such as rape/groping allegations by members of Congress, Judge Roy Moore, gun control, Fusion GPS, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, George Soros, Hillary Clinton’s plan to steal the Democratic nomination from the people once again (Bernie Sanders 2016) as she will run for President in 2020 and so much more.


Monthly Report November 2017

Kari Ilonummi’s most powerful presentation ever available at No Spin News Source .com . Kari says a prayer for Veterans, sees band Powerman 5000 perform live in Seattle, discusses Uranium One Hillary Clinton’s Russian Collusion, Sexual Crimes of Hollywood, with video footage interviews from a black activist that tells off on the Black Lives Matter movement and George Soros (Kari calls this video ‘worth more than GOLD’) video footage of: Larry Klayman from Freedom Watch, Founder of Judicial Watch and former Alumni at the Department of State volunteers to be President Trump’s Special Counsel to prosecute Hillary Clinton, Former DNC head Donna Brazile tells off on Hillary in her new book, Kari Ionummi to meet Hillary Clinton in December and so much more!

Monthly Report October 2017

Kari Ilonummi of analyzes the current political/economic situation, discusses recent breaking news, the economy, NFL Brandon Tatum, videos of Roger Stone along with President Trump before the U.N., Larry Klayman files lawsuit against Antifa, Republican Congressman calling for Sen. John McCain to be recalled in a vote, Kari Ilonummi sees the world icons of hip hop, artist: Daz Dillinger of Tha Dogg Pound and Jerry. B. Long in concert and provides live video footage of the Seattle show at the end of this video for your enjoyment. See you next month and thank you for watching.

Monthly Report September 2017

  Kari Ilonummi of gives a heart to heart talk with the audience about how he feels inside about God, Liberty, being pro life and sheds light on breaking news stories, gives reason to the events unfolding here today, for the near future along with video’s of Sheriff Joe and President Trump speeches in which you have to see! U.S. Congressman Rick Larsen of Washington state delivers a deliberate lie to the people knowingly and wittingly as he stated in a letter that the President acted in a ‘bigoted’ manner regarding the ‘Charlottesville’ VA event recently. Apparently Rep Rick Larsen is now using the tricks from the failed Hillary Campaign of last year? Good luck with that one!

Monthly Report August 2017

  Kari Ilonummi of No Spin News Source doesn’t play any punches with this months show! Kari breaks down the most recent news stories, more economic forecast for the near future, alleged Russia Collusion, Hillary Clinton’s Resistance PAC, Debie Wasserman Schultz, the current coup d’etat attempt in process to remove the duly elected President Donald Trump, ’17 Intel Agencies’ becomes ‘3,’ with video interviews and news segments with John Podesta, John Brennan and Clapper, attorney in Florida afraid for her life due to knowledge on Hillary Clinton, Special Prosecutor Larry Klayman, Roger Stone, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King’s take on our new President, Kari Ilonummi plans to run for U.S. House of Representatives and Senate in 2018, meets guitarists of legendary award winning rock bands Ozzy Osbourne Zakk Wylde and Uli Jon Roth (lead guitarist) of Scorpions and lot more! No MORE FAKE NEWS= . I hope you find this new show very informative.

Monthly Report January 2017




Kari Ilonummi of No Spin News Source .com discusses what really happened in the 2016 Presidential Elections and what is to come for 2017, with video interviews of former head of the NSA William Binney on the (Fake News) alleged Russian hack dominating the news recently, Climatologist spills the beans about Global Warming and ulterior motives of Globalization to eliminate sovereignty within nation states , Kari discusses Boeing cuts, recent news, Kari attended the rock band concerts Hell Yeah and In Flames and provides recent live video footage of the concerts, Sheriff Joe loses election, House Intelligence Committee Chairman calls for investigating CIA head John Brennan, Attorney General ‘regrets’ meeting with Bill Clinton, Judicial Watch wins court appeal to obtain Hillary Clinton emails and so much more!

Monthly Report Oct/ November Special Election’s edition 2016

Monthly Report

Kari Ilonummi of meets the hit rock bands Skid Row and Texas Hippy Coalition in Seattle after their live shows and shakes their hands, discusses the 2016 Elections, his run for U.S. Congress this year, the declassified 28 Pages of the 9/11 Commission Report, Justice Against Sponsored Terrorism Act (JASTA) being unanimously passed by Congress, Vetoed by the President and then OVERTURNED by Congress days later, Rep. Rick Larsen of Washington voted against the JASTA Veto and turned his back to the victims of 9/11 as a disgrace, the World War 3 situation, economic outlook, Glass Steagall Act, world food prices hitting all time high, internet changes with ICANN, George Soros, with video footage of Hillary Clinton, the CIA, State Department and head of the U.S. Army all openly threatening Russia, Gary Johnson exposed, Bill even likens Hillary to a ‘demon.’ and so much more!

Monthly Report May 2016

Host Kari Ilonummi of in Washington state breaks down recent events in the news along with video footage/interviews of: Chelsea Clinton regarding gun control, Ron Paul on the FED, Hillary Clinton and Executive Orders on guns, Howard Sterns supports the Second Amendment, Obama flip flops on his promise not to send U.S. troops in Syria along with an interview of former judge and legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on the Clinton Email Scandal. Kari also discusses the economy, rising suicide rates, classified 28 pages of the 9/11 REPORT, Russian Foreign Ministry says U.S. walking on on brink of nuclear War, War Crimes in Iraq, Glass Steagall Act debate heating up at the Federal Reserve, U.S. sails warship straight into China sea without permission and so much more! Big announcement to come Monday May 23, 2016.

Monthly Report April 2016 ‘Less Talk & More Action’


The rather brilliant and good looking: Kari Ilonummi of shows us a glimpse of the future as the ‘Too Big to Fail’ bank ‘Bail In’ starts to take effect, provides breaking news articles, video segments from Lee Ann MCAdoo, Darrin McBreen and John Bound, Bill Clinton slams President Obama’s ‘awful legacy,’ Bernie FEELS the BURN as Hillary Clinton has ‘never’ told a lie, world renowned journalist confesses on camera to working for the CIA and creating propaganda for the U.S. Government to overthrow Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi of Libya through ‘regime change’ and ‘humanitarian intervention,’ Boeing Company to let go of 5,000 workers in June, U.S. gun rights victories and State nullification efforts, Kari Ilonummi to at attend the upcoming Libertarian Party Convention in Tacoma, concert video footage of the band: Orgy live in Seattle 2 months ago taken by kari himself and so much more! Also the SSL and Security is top notch now on the website. Norton’s no longer gives a Warning to visitors. So we worked out all of the bugs for your convenience, privacy and safety concerns. Enjoy the show!


Monthly Report January 2016 HD

U.S. Congressional Candidate Kari Ilonummi unleashes the fury like never before as he lays down the reality of the dire situation in which we are facing in his highly anticipated yearly Political/Economic Forecast for 2016. Breaking news, the must see interview with top military and intelligence brass: U.S. lieutenant Gen. Michael Flinn on ISIS, the future, and need to work Russia as our ally to defeat terrorism and Kari’s mom speaks out on President Obama and Hillary Clinton.