President Obama and his Secret Wars

In this video from our friends at Larouche PAC we look into what is really going on behind the scenes with President Obama’s extra-judicial killings of U.S. citizens abroad through the continuation of the George W. Bush policies of the War on Terror through the so-called Change We Can Believe In—We ‘stay the course’ This video will also be included on the Monthly Report for March 2013.

Are We On The Brink Of World War 3?

In this short clip Kari Ilonummi while reporting for and also for in their previous contest discusses the potential looming threat of war War 3 and presents the question….Are We Already Living Under Martial Law? We will let you decide the answer to that one.

Alex Jones from interview on CNN Pier’s Morgan (Second Amendment/gun confiscation)

Patriot, syndicated talk show host and movie maker Alex Jones from out of Austin Texas discusses Gun Control with Piers Morgan on CNN Jan 7, 2013. Alex was aggressive but full of facts and useful information. That is the point to focus on. FACTS. Who cares if he was cordial and polite? He was factually correct….that is the point to the story. colloidal silver video


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HD Monthly Report for February 1, 2013 with Kari Ilonummi titled ‘IS OBAMA THE AL-QAEDA PRESIDENT???’


In this episode Kari Ilonummi from discusses the following topics:

NDAA 2013, recent proposed gun control and even confiscation bills in the Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, Black military helicopters once deemed ‘conspiracy theory’ now shown to be reality over several U.S. skies as reported by local news, interviews and video segments of Alex Jones on Piers Morgan, Jesse Ventura, Ice-T, Joe Biden says 2 completely different things about gun control ‘malarkey’, Obama Phone Lady changes her mind on liking President Obama after working for his campaign a few months ago, taxes, hyper-inflation, U.S troops suicide rates sky rocket, Ret. Army Col. Anthony Schaffer being threatened to lose his Bronze metal after being critical of President Obama’s middle East war policies and collaborating with U.S. Patriots like former Presidential Candidate and a lead advisor to President Ronald Reagan Lyndon Larouche, U.S gun sales hit record levels, GDP fell by .1 percent in last quarter, Court of Appeals issues a 47 page ruling against President Obama’s recent cabinet appointments without senate approval, EU President pushing hard to pass ‘Quadriga Plan, NSA whistleblower says ‘everyone in U.S. under virtual surveillance’, newly released DSM5 ‘Psychiatric bible’ will make nearly all common human emotions a pretext to prove that you are mentally ill, Sheriff Joe Arpaio sending armed posse to protect schools, no assault weapons used at Sandy Hook Massacre only 4 pistols, Oliver Stone says that U.S. has became an ‘Orwelian state’,FDA approves GMO fish for U.S. supermarkets, EU food agency dismisses anti GMO study findings of tumors in rat test subjects, an LPAC video which illustrates how our current President Barack Obama is financially supporting Al-Qaeda with U.S. tax money and the lives of our soldiers.


Kari Ilonummi Reports for Alex Jones’ from Everett WA

Kari Ilonummi Reports for Alex Jones’