Monthly Report January 2017




Kari Ilonummi of No Spin News Source .com discusses what really happened in the 2016 Presidential Elections and what is to come for 2017, with video interviews of former head of the NSA William Binney on the (Fake News) alleged Russian hack dominating the news recently, Climatologist spills the beans about Global Warming and ulterior motives of Globalization to eliminate sovereignty within nation states , Kari discusses Boeing cuts, recent news, Kari attended the rock band concerts Hell Yeah and In Flames and provides recent live video footage of the concerts, Sheriff Joe loses election, House Intelligence Committee Chairman calls for investigating CIA head John Brennan, Attorney General ‘regrets’ meeting with Bill Clinton, Judicial Watch wins court appeal to obtain Hillary Clinton emails and so much more!

President Obama and his Secret Wars

In this video from our friends at Larouche PAC we look into what is really going on behind the scenes with President Obama’s extra-judicial killings of U.S. citizens abroad through the continuation of the George W. Bush policies of the War on Terror through the so-called Change We Can Believe In—We ‘stay the course’ This video will also be included on the Monthly Report for March 2013.